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  • Dragyri Ice:
    by Nikita Startsev
  • Dragyri Shadow:
    by Nikita Startsev
  • Dragyri Fire:
    if it burns its ok right?(750)
    by Darren Watson
  • Forsaken Generic:
    by Josh Street
  • Outcast Nomads:
    Let’s get salty (500)
    by Daniel Garnett
  • Forsaken Prevailers:
    by Scott Collin
  • Skarrd Toxic:
    by Ivan Kochetov
  • Dragyri Ice:
    by Scott Webster
  • Outcast Nomads:
    darren gelt lover(500)
    by Daniel Garnett
  • Skarrd Generic:
    by Ivan Kochetov
  • Dragyri Air:
    test 500(500)
    by Figurius Simplex
  • Outcast Slavers:
    by Robert E Allen

Add Psychogenics as objects that can be selected in the list editor after a list is built.
Page onLoad script to add numerical options in select menus when a required model is already selected (list editor).
List editor will allow addition of cards for certain "comes into play" models. (These will be done after list builder is complete)
Fix Buzz Blade/Might/Zeal/Chalica display in the List View to display only the proper amount of Buzz Blades.

List Builder update (2016-02-27):
Reinforcements have been added and are displayed at the bottom of the list view. Proper utilization of the reinforcements feature requires that the list is built first and reinforcements are added afterward, like editing, by selecting "reinforcements" from the function list. There may be some quirks to this feature, but as of now it is functional. Collapse of model stats as been added. All lists begin collapsed and can be displayed with a tap/click on the model name.

List Builder update (2016-02-18):
Matched Set is done for Phadras & Maximo, Orchid & Nathaniel, and Aja & Devon. That finishes up the lists.
Next I have some house keeping to do. I have to write code to handle proper option values for the list editor when certain models are already in the list. I have not yet considered how I will do this, so I have to spend some time thinking about it and planning it.
I may instead tackle adding Psychogenics to the database and allow appropriate Psychogenics to be selected in the List Editor which will appear on the "card" during the List View.
If you have a desire for a feature please get it in soon. After I get these TODO items worked out I will likely start working on both a "Play Game" feature for the site.

List Builder update (2016-02-14):
Skarrd lists can now be created as per the rules.
Slavers no longer allow Brutes, Hoj or Mongo. The models do not show up as available options.
I have some cleanup to do for the list display, but that is not a big deal. Things like, if you have Chalica, it is also going to display a number of might/zeal and a number of buzz blades. When I get around to it I'll have it not show might/zeal equal to the number of Chalica selected and a number of buzz blades minus the number of might/zeal selected.
Skarrd have some wonky availability rules.
There is a bug I have to fix when editing a list. It will currently load up to the total value selected for a given model, but if more are possible it will not. Likewise, if something like the Grafter is selected, all of the models that are 1 per Grafter will only have 0 available unless the Grafter is deselected and then selected again.
As of now, though, I'm done. The list builder is complete and I'm going to wait until tomorrow before I do anymore work on this.

  • Bounty Hunters
  • Brood
  • CORE
  • Outcasts
  • Dragyri
  • Kukulkani
  • Forsaken
  • Skarrd

List Builder update (2016-02-13):
Forsaken availability complete. All of the leaders can only be selected if a member has been selected (bane leader only if bane selected and so on.) I can see there are some tweaks I'll need to make after I am done with everything.
Working on Skarrd for the rest of the weekend.

List Builder update (2016-02-12):
Outcast availability (Brute Pusher add to Brutes and Bonner to Frenzied) is complete.
Getting to the end now, two factions left to do. I expect those to be done over the weekend. After that will be pieces of functionality for the list builder that are not necessities, but nice options to have.

List Builder update (2016-02-09):
Dragyri lists (all castes) work as they should. Any model with special availability becomes available when the appropriate model is selected. Example: 1 Slave Taskmaster makes 6 Guard Slaves available.
Kukulkani lists work as they should. Cabrakan requires 3 Devoted priests in order to be selected. Selecting 3 priests, then adding Cabrakan, then removing any number of priests will remove Cabrakan. Quetzol and Supreme War Captain add/remove as necessary when selected.
I believe I will work on Skarrd next unless someone wants a specific faction to be done first. Skarrd has one of the more complex availability sets due to Buzz Blade changes. If you would like to petition for another faction to be completed first, do so here.
CORE have no special availability that relies on other models, but the Autonomous Combat Drone appears in play. Dragyri Embers and Greater Air Elementals also come into play, as opposed to being added during list building. Due to that, I'm adding an item to the TODO list.