Timeline of Events


2500 PC (est.) The Alteghrans occupy the planet. An Asteroid hits and drives the Alteghrans and K’tarl underground.

1500 PC (est.) The Great Arbiter comes to power and unites the Dragyri.

1400 PC (est.) The Great Arbiter dies and the War of Ascension starts fuelled by the machinations of the Shadow Caste. The Air Caste chooses to remain separate from the conflict, which leads instead to internal strife.

1380 PC (est.) The Fire Caste receives an offer of aid from the Shadow Caste, and is toppled into dishonor. The final battle of the War of Ascension occurs. The Air Caste enter the war leading to the victory of Air, Earth and Water over Fire and Shadow. The War of Ascension ends leaving the Dragyri fractured. For the Air Caste The Age of Poverty follows.

1378 PC (est.) The sacking of Kh’rai’zhurr.

1350 PC (est.) The Ice Caste is founded.

800 - 50 PC (est.) Increasing numbers of female leaders appear among the Air Caste. An Air Caste aristocracy emerges, furthering internal divisions.

513 PC (est.) UWS Magellan performs initial survey of A23-Q4b.

512 PC (est.) The corporations set up business on A23-Q4b and establish the first research facilities. Collaboration between them results in the construction of the spaceport that would become Port City.

510 PC (est.) Testing facility founded in the Great Expanse by Powergenics Corporation.

509 PC (est.) First copper mine established in Talen Valley to support the rudimentary colonization efforts of the UW corporations.

505 PC (est.) The Peygor Corporation found the first agricultural facility to support the populations needs on ATTR

495 PC (est.) The United Worlds collapses. All corporations on Attr abandon the planet within months. Riots spread across the planet. Thousands die within the first few weeks of abandonment.

495 - 350 PC (est.) The name ‘Forsaken’ coined for those left behind. Trapped without resources on a hostile planet, the Forsaken segregate into many small self-contained communities. Starvation and inter-community battles keeps the life expectancy painfully low.

400 PC (est.) Five large Outcast families flee to the north to avoid the bloodshed and the killings, becoming Turrip and goat herders, living on the southern fringes of the Great Expanse, shunning the deadly wastelands at all costs.

350 – 5 PC Out of despair the residents of the Green Belt forge an alliance with the people from Port City against local raiders. The raiders reign of terror is broken and the bond with the Forsaken grows stronger.

350 PC (est.) Outcast herders following wild Turrips into the Great Expanse find the Salt Flats, learning from the feeding animals the true value of the white grains lying there.

350 - 80 PC (est.) The Forsaken achieve some kind of equilibrium on Attr and begin rebuilding society. Trade routes are re-opened. Military forces are expanded. Port City rebuilt as a meeting/trade center.

250 - 150 PC The Outcasts establish salt trade with other people living south of their homelands, peaked with travelling merchants founding the fortified trading post of Tuskelan. In this time the name “Salt Nomads” is born.

120 PC Copper mines of Talen are found and re-opened by nomadic traders and fortune hunters, leading to the rise of the Bladesmiths of Talen.

80 - 35 PC The beginnings of a Forsaken council are formed, comprised of the leaders of the largest settlements within traveling distance of Port City and representatives of those further away. Port City expands once more. ‘Grafting’ is rediscovered as a science.

48 PC The Shadow Caste discover the Secret of the Blood.

35 - 20 PC Baptism of the North “with fire and water”.

35 - 26 PC Religion sweeps the culture of the Forsaken. The more cunning of the Council and other leaders take wholeheartedly to this new religion as a way to better control the masses. Grafting becomes a theocratic issue as some oppose it as blasphemous.

32 PC Yovanka becomes Arbiter of the Air Caste.

28 PC Exodus of the Baniss.

26 PC Andrew Mark is born

26 PC Luck’kit-kaii becomes Arbiter of the Ice Caste.

25 PC The Shadow Caste enclave is constructed at The Stairway to the Clouds.

4 PC Whilbur Masterson assigns John to Masterson Quarry

4 PC Curwen becomes the Father of the Dendrobate tribe.

4 PC Andrew Mark becomes Saint Mark, ushering in the time of the Saints.

4 - 1 PC Grafting technology begins to show some promise under the support of some Saints, however the Forsaken become further polarized on the issue, as the Saints also take up stands on the science vs. religion argument. Saints John, Luke and Matthew appear.

0 Consilium Magnum In the face of growing support for the burgeoning Saints, the politicians of Attr convene for several weeks and establish the Council of Prevailers. The Great Crusades are declared to occupy and separate the Saints. The Council states it’s position that Grafting is acceptable on lower beasts but outlaws the practice on humans. The calendar is reset with the Councils first meeting.

0 – 5 SC The Great Crusades begin

3 - 5 SC Matthew’s “conquest” of the North

5 SC Saint Johann is accused of Heresy and the Battle for Salvation occurs. He flees with his surviving minions into the Great Expanse.

6 SC Mary is abducted by the Curwen’s henchmen. Saint Matthew falls. Witch fires burn in New Salem Death of Saint Luke The massacre at the Carrier Mines

6 - 7 SC Mary takes over leadership from Saint Matthew and is declared a Saint.

8 SC Father Mayhem is granted the Revelation of the Dragon

9 SC The frequency of Skarrd raids increases. Being denied the reinforcements she deems necessary, Saint Mary begins to recruit local Nomad warriors into her troops. Saint Mark encounters the Dragyri in the west and Saint John enters the swamplands to the South. The Council of Prevailers rename Port City as New Ashkelon and Attr is renamed Samaria. The Ice Caste encounters “Those-Without-Honor”. The Air Caste makes increased raids against these creatures, especially those of the Skarrd Blood Cult. Victims are taken to The Stairway to the Clouds. The Pact of Talen is followed by an increase in tensions across the region

10 SC A series of massive earthquakes shake the eastern provinces. Saint Mark suffers grievous casualties in the grueling war against the Ice Caste. Saint John prepares to re-enter the Blackmire to counter the increasing Brood strikes into the Green Belt. Saint Luke is resurrected.

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