Tribal Father



4 3 18 3 18 3
[2] Katana Strike 8 8 0 -
Size Base Avail Cost
M 30mm [1]1000 110

Special Abilities


The inheritors of a stabilized strain of mutation amongst the Skarrd, the Fathers are the leaders of each individual Skarrd tribe. They seem to have been created specifically to rule others, so precise and near perfect is their range of abilities. The Father is always lean and muscular, possessed of nearly supernatural grace and dexterity, and he wields his prime weapon, usually a slender katana, with unearthly skill. They are all savage and heartless, possessed of no discernable mercy or compassion. Beyond these traits, however, the Fathers also possess a subtle but powerful brand of psychic power, capable of penetrating and manipulating the emotions of others. Under the Fathers’ guidance, the Skarrd have become a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

The first Fathers emerged only a generation after the Baniss first suffered their mass contamination at Fort Retribution. They were initially mistaken for retarded children because of their strangely calm and quiet demeanor. They quickly manifested unusual abilities, however, and those around them found their thoughts and emotions twisted in surprising ways. Although the children themselves could remain calm, all those around them would be overcome by rage or terror, only to have it evaporate as soon as it had manifested. As the Fathers grew, they quickly mastered their abilities, learning more subtle and insidious uses for their powers. The Fathers’ calm nature, which sharply contrasted to most of the maniacally emotional Skarrd, was like a charm to their peers and others naturally followed them. Their following was also due to the fact that they learned to maintain an aura of pure fear that surrounds them like a cloud.

Each Father gathers his own tribe; there is never more than one adult Father in a single group of Skarrd. When one nears his coming of age, he will either break away to form his own tribe, spreading the Skarrd even further across the wastes, or he will challenge the current Father of his own tribe. These challenges are always fought to the death, ensuring that only the strongest and wisest survive in the brutal Skarrd society. The rule of the Father is absolute, and any who even hesitate to obey his direct command will meet with swift and certain death, usually in great pain. They are wickedly intelligent, however, and will not casually slaughter their own tribesmen, as the tribe is the foundation of every Father's power.

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