Sister of Charity



4 4 12 3 12 2
[1] Surgical Saw 5 6×2 0 20
Size Base Avail Cost
M 30mm ! 60

! Availability: 1 per “Grafter”.

Squad Link: Buzz Blade (6)

Special Abilities


Twisted mockeries of the Sisters of Compassion, the Sisters of Charity are constructs of Saint Johann’s Grafters. Long before his flight from Salvation’s Stronghold, Johann had enlisted many followers to help him in his efforts to improve upon the human animal. The Sisters of Compassion that followed him, well versed in basic use of medical instruments and drugs, were one of the most obvious candidates for such assistance. Johann coupled the Sisters of Compassion with his grafting technicians, encouraging them to feed off of one another’s strengths. While the Grafters had little to learn from the Sisters beyond triage, they had much to teach them of their own science, and the Sisters took eagerly to their education.

Before long, the Sisters’ philosophy of their role in the army changed. Instead of waiting until injury took their soldiers to administer their services, they realized that they could easily make changes to the men and women before battle, thus increasing their combat effectiveness and survivability. They began using their knowledge of painkillers and combat stimulants to make subtle alterations to the troops before battle, increasing their energy and allowing them to shrug off most injuries that were not outright fatal. They changed their name to Sisters of Charity, focusing on their desire to help the soldiers.

After their absorption into the Skarrd, the Sisters were exposed to the same mutagens that warped the rest of their comrades. They became more aggressive, more impulsive, and obsessively committed to their duty. They took grafted implants, replacing one hand with a custom-crafted appendage, including myriad surgical instruments. The additional knowledge of toxins and combat drugs, that they learned from the Baniss, expanded their repertoire, and becoming capable of astounding modifications. Now, they focus on two specific types of modifications; the Charity’s Zeal warpacks have their agility and speed boosted, while the Charity’s Might warpacks boast increased size and strength. Once receiving the attentions of a Sister of Charity, the members of a warpack become eternally devoted to her, and will follow her into battle. If the Sister is slain, their “pet” warpacks simply lose their will to live. After avenging their Sister’s death, they wither away and die.

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