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4 2 14 3 14 2
[2] Sabers 6 6 0 -
[1] Smoke Grenade
* Indirect
* Launch Smoke (3)
6 1 - 8 -
Size Base Type Cost
M 30mm C 75

Special Abilities


Saber has only recently returned to the fold of the Skarrd, after having spent many years wandering Samaria in solitude. She is one of a rare breed, and it is not surprising that she grew to live beyond the status quo. Saber is the rare child of a Skarrd Tribal Father, an almost unheardof phenomenon. Most Fathers, occupied entirely with the management of their tribes and the development of their power, never take a mate. In the rare instances that they do produce children, only a handful receive any form of special attention from their father as he is usually too engrossed in being the Father to an entire tribe.

Saber is an exception to this vast majority. Father Tua’stet, the leader of a formidable Blood Cult tribe and Saber’s progenitor, lavished particular attention upon his daughter. He was confident that his child would grow into a formidable warrior and asset to the tribe. He began a years-long plan to mold her for a secret, special purpose. Saber displayed striking dexterity from infancy, and possesses articulated and clawed toes that grant her an excellent climbing ability. As soon as she could hold a blade, she was trained in swordsmanship, and she spent a great deal of time with her father and the tribe’s Bone Doctor. Whether from her genetic heritage or the unusual effects of spending so much time within the aura of two psychic manipulators, Saber eventually began experiencing strange visions. It was when she told her father about these visions that he revealed his plan for her.

Tua’stet had long intended for Saber to be a seeker for the Skarrd. He had given her as much skill as he could provide in preparation for life on her own in the harsh world of Samaria. He planned to send her away in search of information that would lead her tribe, and the Skarrd as a whole, towards their ultimate goal of destroying the Forsaken. It seemed clear to him, in light of the unusual portents and omens she saw, that they had both been prodded towards this destiny by some greater force. Encouraging her to follow her visions wherever they might lead, he sent her away with little more than a pair of swords. Many years passed in Saber’s absence, and Tua’stet held little hope that she still lived. Eventually, however, Saber returned—as a formidable warrior and a potent seer. She did not speak at all of her travels, only of the path she saw. Intense, determined, and confident, Saber does her best to interpret the flood of visions and omens that she sees, advising her father as to how the tribe should pursue their quest. Tua’stet, confident that his scheming and her strange visions are a part of the same greater plan, takes her suggestions under strong advisement, seeing her as a prophet of sorts. Now that Saber has returned, she is leading her tribe down a path she is certain will lead to their glory and the eventual destruction of the Forsaken. At times she will leave her tribe without warning, striding through the Wastelands as if searching for something, sometimes joining other Skarrd warbands, regardless of Cult beliefs or tribal rivalries. She will ally with those she sees advancing her purposes. Only time will tell if she is correct.

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