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4 2 18 3 16 3
[2] Katana Strike 8 8 0 -
Size Base Type Cost
m 30 mm c 125

Special Abilities


Emerging from the wilderness the bandit named Quietus single-handedly invaded Saint Johann’s lonely realm. The scarred man soon proved to be a true blight upon the miners’ lives for although he worked alone he felt no remorse, nor did there seem to be any sense or purpose in his killings. Time and again he struck, slaughtering anyone who crossed his path, vandalizing technology, poisoning water and burning food stores.

Although recognizing the danger posed by this outlaw Johann did not fear him. Instead the cunning Saint sought a way to turn the threat into an advantage. Alone, he left his fortress and began to hunt Quietus. As he suspected his enemy was unable to resist the chance to spread disorder by murdering the Saint. Whilst Johann was prepared for the deviousness of his foe, Quietus had no way of knowing that he faced a man as unyielding, unprincipled and treacherous as himself. The bandit fought until he was close to death, but Johann had not come to kill him but to harness him. He carried the dying outlaw back to Salvation’s Stronghold and informed a team of his finest Grafters that if they did not save him, their own lives would be forfeit.

As soon as Quietus was fit enough to move the Saint introduced him to his Warwind training program, breaking him down mentally and rebuilding him as an instrument of his wrath. Many believed that Quietus would never be loyal but they failed to see that, through Johann, he had been granted an opportunity to unleash his destructive tendencies on a global scale. Soon after reaching the rank of Warwind the magnitude of his lust for turmoil was revealed when he approached Johann with a bold plan.

Rather than attempt to invade Port City, and fight house to house through the maze of streets, Quietus counseled holding back within the stronghold. They already knew that the Prevailers intended to send their champion to capture Johann. Let them, he argued, and “We shall destroy him.” With the Council weakened in this way the other Saints and Outcast warlords would soon attempt to fill the power vacuum. Each would be seeking a way to move ahead of their competitors and break out of the pack. Soon a world war would begin as ever-smaller splinter states turned upon one another. The task of fighting them all would be almost impossible, but nor was it one Johann needed to attempt. The usefulness of grafting would have been proven beyond all doubt by the destruction of the High Templar’s army and soon every aspiring general would be a customer of the Master of Grafters. None would wish to destroy the creator of the weapons they needed, but Johann would keep the best grafts for his own army. In an age of global chaos he would rise to total power on the back of millions of sacrificed lives.

No one who heard the plan had any doubt that it came from Quietus. His reputation had already spread throughout the Saint’s army and he was widely regarded as a dangerous psychopath. Scorning the traditional Brimstone pistol he prefers to kill his enemies exclusively in close combat so that he can gain the maximum enjoyment from each death.

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