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3 7 10 3 8 1
[1] Claw 1 3 0 -
Size Base Type Cost
m 30 mm [2]250 20

Squadlink: Puppet(4)

Special Abilities


Few sights on Samaria are as pathetic as that of a Puppet. Shivering in their ragged robes those who have kept their eyes gaze at the world bleakly and without hope. Their flesh is torn with self inflicted scars and most carry a rusty blade or spike of broken glass with which to carve new wounds in honor of their masters.

In most Skarrd tribes there is no room for the weak. Those born unable to struggle and fight will soon become prey to their savage parents. Forsaken and Outcast prisoners who lose the will to live whilst being tortured or experimented upon face a similar fate. Food is scarce in the desert and a man unable or unwilling to kill for a meal will soon become one himself. It is a brutal law but one which has kept the Skarrd alive and their hatred burning.

Only among the Blood Cult are things different. As hunters living in the mountains on the desert’s edge they have more opportunities to find food than others of their kind. As a result they are able to afford a little leniency upon the weak – although they would never do so without a reason. Those unable to defend themselves are gathered into small flocks by the tribe’s Keepsake. She protects them from their violent siblings and in return they worship her and perform all sorts of menial tasks. Dejected, abused and subjected to casual violence by their keeper each remains strong in the knowledge that they are acolytes who are slowly being inducted into the secrets of the blood. Only when a raid occurs is their true purpose revealed as they are herded together and slaughtered as fuel for the terrible Blood Rituals.

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