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4 4 14 3 14 2
[1] Ju-Ju Pole 7 6 0 -
Size Base Type Cost
m 30 mm [1]500 65

Squadlink: Puppet (6)

Special Abilities


Violent shamanic rites, savage rituals and human sacrifice lie at the heart of life among the Blood Cult. Control of these dark magics is the preserve of the ghastly women known as the Keepsakes. Their name comes from their gristly practice of taking a flayed trophy – often a face or scalp – from each victim. They carry this rustling collection of dried skins on their ju-ju poles and often speak to them, calling on them to provide advice or aid in divination's. When the desert wind blows the hides rustle together and it is not hard to imagine that some foul conversation is indeed taking place between the tormented faces and their wicked mistress.

When not aiding in a hunt or leading the tribe in a dark and demented ceremony a Keepsake will often retreat to a den she has built for herself in a ruined lab or bunker. Guarded by her Puppets she sits alone, daubing the concrete walls with bloody symbols and images of savagery in order to ensure the success of their next raid. These places are grim and gristly even by the standards of Skarrd hovels, decorated with ragged skins, the twisted bones of mutant animals and coils of barbed wire upon which hang the gory remains of those torn apart by the cannibalistic hags.

Competition between the Keepsakes and the Bone Doctors of a tribe is fierce and brutal murders are commonplace. As relentless and cruel as the harsh desert sun Keepsakes have been known to torture and kill Bone Doctors as part of their gruesome rituals. As the sacrifice reaches its bloody climax the Bone Doctor’s beating heart is torn out and devoured. Through these acts some Keepsake gain terrible notoriety. One of the most infamous is Megrin the Bleak. She lives in a tent made of over one hundred faces and consumes nothing but human blood brought to her by her Puppet slaves. A powerful vision guides her and she will not kill again until the portents are right and she leaves her tent to slay a Forsaken Saint.

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