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3 2 14 3 14 2
[1] Terror Blade
* Fear Toxin
* Poison (16)
7 4×2 0 -
Size Base Type Cost
m 30 mm c 65

Special Abilities


The strange individual known as Hoodoo is an enigmatic and frightening one, even by the standards of the Skarrd. He began his life as regularly as any Skarrd, born into hardship, immersed in aggression, and a slave to emotions. Hoodoo was unusual because, although he was not one of the rare males born with the strange psychic powers of a Father, he seemed drawn to the tribe’s Father with an unusual fervor. Whereas most Skarrd prefer to avoid these tribal icons, Hoodoo was fascinated by him. He had a particular infatuation with the aura of fear that the Father generates. Truth be told, it wasn’t the Father himself that fascinated Hoodoo; he was obsessed with fear.

Hoodoo’s strange obsession only grew with time. He craved the Ability to instill fear in those around him, and so built his life towards that goal. He practiced the art of combat with a fanatic’s passion, wishing to be far more than an effective soldier. He wished to be so skilled that the bravest foes would shrink from facing him. Hoodoo began challenging random warriors to combat, regardless of who or when. His challenges were so unpredictable that he began having the effect he desired on his own tribesmen. They lived under the constant shadow of a potential challenge at any time.

Despite his success, Hoodoo was not yet satisfied. He began studying with the Toxic Cult and the Grafters, searching for ways to create toxins that would instill even greater fear. He spent long stretches of time cloistered with the Bone Doctor, learning about the nature of fear, and began painting his face in disturbing ritual designs. Finally, the Father confronted Hoodoo, determined to remain the most feared member of his tribe. He challenged Hoodoo to battle, and handed him his first defeat by not only subduing him with martial skill, but also crippling him with supernaturally-instilled fear. Hoodoo promptly fled alone into the wasteland.

Hoodoo still lives alone in the wastes, constantly experimenting with his fear toxins and practicing his swordsmanship. From time to time he will ally briefly with a Skarrd tribe or war parties of the Toxic Cult, to try out his newest concoctions on an enemy. His skill with a blade now rivals a Skarrd Father, his toxins are potent, and his visage is awful. He truly is terrifying to face.

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