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3 5 14 3 16 2
[1]Power Claw
* Crush
4 4×2 0 20
Size Base Avail Cost
M 30mm [1]1000 60

Special Abilities


Integrated into the Skarrd with the arrival of Saint Johann, the Grafter is the wielder of the widely mistrusted art of fusing human or animal life with machinery. Grafters were once simply amoral technicians obsessed with their science, but have come to be much more. The contagions that the Skarrd carry with them at all times have penetrated the ranks of the Grafters, and even as they train new candidates in their skills, the elders have changed in the past few years. Most notably, their patience and scholarly restraint slips more and more each year, so that nearly every Grafter has experimented on himself at one point or another. The most common modification is the tool that is nearest to being perfected: the power claw.

Grafters were the obvious first fanatical followers of Saint Johann, practicing as they did a branch of their science forbidden amongst the Forsaken with his secret patronage. Deep within the hidden laboratories of Johann’s Stronghold, they conducted their experiments that crossed the line established by the Prevailer Council, fusing their strange technology with human bodies. The efforts of Grafters created the fearsome Harpies, the abominable Drillheads, and even more, unspeakable and vile results. Now, almost no Skarrd tribe chooses to be without a Grafter if it can avoid it, as their vile creations have proven to be incredibly effective on the battlefield. Often quite mad from the toxins ravaging their systems, Grafters always wade into combat with their “children,” too anxious to see them in action to stay behind. The Grafter is not trained as a warrior, but life amongst the Skarrd is a brutal and effective teacher. While small and not particularly strong, most Grafters have performed modifications on themselves to give them added durability. Whether artificial secondary hearts, steel ribcages, or simple adrenaline injectors to deaden their pain, they can sustain a surprising amount of damage before succumbing to their injuries.

In the interests of surviving on the battlefield, the Grafter’s have become quite proficient in the use of their ever-present power claws as weapons, watching for a perfect moment to strike at a foe and then clamp down on it, crushing it with the hydraulic power of the weapon.

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