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 ===== Bio ===== ===== Bio =====
 +As the technology of the Forsaken
 +has advanced through the years,
 +rediscovering lost secrets of science,
 +the ability to use one of the foundations
 +of civilization as a weapon has once again
 +been revived. Fire, a cornerstone of cultural
 +advancement,​ has always been a tempting weapon for
 +humanity. The Forsaken were unable to harness the power
 +of pure fire as a weapon for many years, until scientists researching
 +possible fuel sources inadvertently rediscovered a gelatinous flammable very
 +similar to napalm. The implications of a fuel solvent that would cover an
 +object, stick to it, and burn continuously were immediately apparent. The
 +scientists reported the discovery to the Army of the Forsaken.
 +The military engineers immediately set about devising a practical use for the
 +new discovery, but were daunted by the size of the equipment needed in order
 +to properly use it. Pressurized tanks were already in use for fuel storage and
 +injection systems, and smaller versions were developed in order to transport
 +this new weapon’s ammunition. A rudimentary hose system
 +led from the tanks to the sprayer of the weapon, a pistol shaped
 +device that controlled the output of the fuel through
 +a narrow nozzle. Triggering the burst of fluid sets a geyser
 +spraying out from the nozzle, capable of covering targets
 +over five meters away in a broad splash. The igniter
 +burning at the tip of the nozzle turns the gooey, stinging
 +solvent into clinging sheets of flame. The engineers,
 +thrilled with the success of their development,​
 +presented their new weapon technology to the
 +Saints and Templars, who for once were
 +in complete agreement.
 +Flamethrower technology is
 +improving in leaps and bounds
 +for the Forsaken, but it is
 +still temperamental at best
 +and outright lethal at
 +its worst. The leaders
 +knew that no truly
 +sane soldier would
 +ever agree to carry
 +the flamethrower
 +into battle. The
 +response of the
 +Prevailers was
 +simple: regardless
 +of sanity, find someone to use them. Thus the Firestorms were born. Culled
 +from the least stable of all the Forsaken troops, the Firestorms are often those
 +with an unhealthy obsession for fire, all too eager to distribute their particular
 +brand of flaming justice to those who oppose the might of the Forsaken.

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