Father Johann



4 3 20 3 18 5
[2] Grafted Claws
* Crush
10 2 7 0 20
[2] Back Blades
* Pierce
8 2 8×2 RE 19
[1] Evicerate
* ED (2)
* Horrible Death
* Latch On (AG#2)
- 1 8×2 RE 19
Size Base Type Cost
l 40 mm ! 200

! Availability: Character. Counts as a “Tribal Father” for availability.

Special Abilities


Lurking in his small, isolated realm in the hills northeast of the central plains, Johann never seemed likely to become one of the more powerful or influential of the Saints. He was already an older man by Forsaken standards when he journeyed to the city to argue for the science of grafting. His cunning and skill as a warlord had brought some semblance of order to the mining communities and Outcast villages of his little nation. Bandits soon found it far more profitable to serve him as enforcers than risk going it alone. Trade deals brought wealth into the hills and this made Johann popular whilst he stabilized his position with iron hard discipline. Being extremely shrewd, his visit to Post City was not a failure as many saw it. The issue of Grafting, the combination of inorganic machinery with living flesh, had become increasingly controversial with both sides finding they had a lot at stake. Johann saw immediately how the argument would pan out. Furthermore, he recognized that without some way of improving his standing, the solidification of the Forsaken nation would leave him disenfranchised. The most powerful individuals would come to rule and they would never accept a petty warlord, such as himself, into their ranks. Still he spoke, and more importantly other saw him speak, zealously for Grafting and all that it would bring.

Two years later his astute foresight and planning bore fruit. In the meantime, things changed in his realm. The people hung onto their old ways long after other regions had converted but, at last, the new religion had worn them down and spread amongst the villagers. Now every township had a small temple and every mine erected a devotional shrine nearby, for protection. Johann had no trouble in following the changing attitudes of his subjects and declared himself a Saint in the final year of the old calendar. For, as he had predicted, the leaders of Samaria declared themselves as the Council of the Prevailers and the new rulers of the Forsaken. Soon after, they called together a gathering of all the Saints. Johann, stung by the perceived snub of exclusion from the Council itself, remained within his stronghold.

As a child, he and the other local youths had gazed up in wonder at the great ancient ruin on the hillside. What purpose its vaults and silos had served in the days of the United Worlds Johann still did not know, but he rebuilt it both as a defensive structure and as the seat of his power.

Christening it Salvation’s Stronghold, he now waited within for the Council’s next move.

As he expected, the Council and their so-called Saints severely curtailed the science of Grafting. Augmentation of animals could continue but humanity was already flawless from the Creator. To change God’s perfection was blasphemy. Little did they realize the implications this had. Those Grafters with little ambition continued to work on animal subjects, some eventually going on to produce remarkable successes. Those who regarded themselves as being at the forefront of their field however were stung. How could they truly reap the benefits of this wonderful technology, they asked, if hampered in this way? Most swore to continue practicing in secret and they remembered the old warlord who had spoken for their science with such passion. Many made the trek across the wastes to Johann’s stronghold and he watched them arrive with satisfaction. With hardly any effort at all on his part, he cornered the market and won the arms race. He welcomed every Grafter that arrived as a master of the art, capturing their sole loyalty.

However, his failure to accept the Prevailer’s summons had not gone unnoticed. When further calls went likewise unheeded an army was dispatched, led by the High Templar Samuel Luther. However, it did not go as planned. Pouring from the keep, a great host met the army of Luther and the clash that later became known as the Battle for Salvation began. Johann’s Grafters unleashed the terrible fruit of their labors. Screaming women with clattering wings and wicked claws swept from the sky whilst monstrous worms with mechanical heads snaked out of the rubble. Almost as terrifying were the rest of the Saint’s army; Banes, Coils and other staples of the Forsaken found themselves confronted by troops trained and armed in the same academies as themselves but changed hideously by the addition of claws, armor plating, even some possessing new eyes and arms. The High Templar could very easily have lost that day but for the arrival of aid in the form of Saint John. Rather than prove themselves above the Saints, the Prevailers found themselves helpless without the aid of that famed Forsaken hero. The blow they suffered to their prestige rivaled that felt by Johann, who fled with his followers towards the north.

At first, the wily Saint sought to reach his allies among the other petty warlords and Salt Nomads of the region, all of whom had cause to hate the Forsaken rulers. However, these soon proved fair weather friends unwilling to risk open warfare for the sake of a fleeing, fallen Saint. With no options left, and his pursuers closing in, Johann crossed the border into the Great Expanse. Even now, his arrogance had not deserted him. He would never surrender his quest to gather greater power. For the miners from whom he had arisen strength was valued above all else. In Johann, that attitude went as deep as his bones. He would never give up, never capitulate or crawl – either as a servant or a prisoner. Instead, he turned his remaining army towards the ancient ruins rumored to lie in the deep desert. Who knew what secrets waited there that he could turn upon those who had banished him? When some of his followers began to mutter about ghouls in the desert, he dismissed them as old wives tales. After all, what could lurk among these dunes that was as fearsome as himself? He shook his fist towards the South and declared that soon, he would return.

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