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 ====== Father Curwen ====== ====== Father Curwen ======
-{{::model.png?200 |}}+{{::dag3201_father_curwen.png?​200 |}} {{::​dag3201_father_curwen_le.png?200 |}}
 ===== Stats ===== ===== Stats =====
-^ AP ^  DF  ^  AR  ^  MV  ^  PS  ^ HP ^ +^ AP ^  DF  ^  AR  ^  MV  ^  PS  ^ HP ^
 | 4  |  3  |  18  |  3  |  18  | 4 | | 4  |  3  |  18  |  3  |  18  | 4 |
-^ AG #1 ^ AS ^ RF ^ PW ^ RN ^ MAL ^ +^ AG#1 ^ AS ^ RF ^ PW ^ RN ^ MAL ^ 
-| [1] TMP | ∞ | 8 | | - |+| [1] Injector Scythe \\       * [[wiki:​weapon_abilities#​frantic_toxin|Frantic Toxin]] | 10 |∞ | 8 | Arc | - |
-^ AG #2 ^ AS ^ RF ^ PW ^ RN ^ MAL ^ +^ AG#2 ^ AS ^ RF ^ PW ^ RN ^ MAL ^ 
-| [2TMP2 ∞ | 8 | | - |+| [1Foul Spew \\       * [[wiki:​weapon_abilities#​cauterize|Cauterize]] \\       * [[wiki:​weapon_abilities#​poison_x|Poison]] (16) | 8 |1 | 3x3 | SP | - |
 ^ Size ^ Base ^ Type ^ Cost ^ ^ Size ^ Base ^ Type ^ Cost ^
 | l | 40 mm | ! | 165 | | l | 40 mm | ! | 165 |
 +! Availability:​ Character. Counts as a "​Tribal Father"​ for availability.
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 ==== Special Abilities ==== ==== Special Abilities ====
 +  * [[wiki:​special_abilities#​command_x|Command]] (2)
 +  * [[wiki:​special_abilities#​never_panic|Never Panic]]
 +  * [[wiki:​special_abilities#​psychogenic_master|Psychogenic Master]]
 +  * [[wiki:​special_abilities#​toxic_cult|Toxic Cult]]
 +  * [[wiki:​special_abilities#​virulent_fumes|Virulent Fumes]]
 ===== Bio ===== ===== Bio =====
 +When Curwen was born into a nomadic
 +tribe some three decades ago, it was a violent
 +night. It was not the first time the Bone Doc
 +had to cut a newborn out of the dying body of its
 +mother, but it was definitely the first time that this
 +baby neither cried nor uttered any other sound. So the
 +shaman pulled it out of its mother’s womb, which was showing
 +signs of corrosive fluids eating it up from inside out. The tribe’s Father did not
 +hesitate and took the child under his tutelage, noticing with satisfaction that
 +the boy showed signs of being of the “Father strain.”
 +Curwen grew up like most of the Skarrd, fighting and struggling for survival
 +on daily basis, but he faced two difficulties most other Skarrd had not. For
 +a young Skarrd, being of the “Father strain” meant that he had to prove his
 +worth twice as hard, and he had to avoid suppression or even murder by the
 +ruling Father of the tribe. The second difficulty was his continuously growing
 +special mutation, which caused his body to create a highly corrosive toxin, a
 +poison he could loose upon an enemy through hidden glands in his mouth.
 +It caused him as much pain as it benefited him, and the young Curwen was
 +clever enough to keep it secret from the attention of others. Over the years,
 +Curwen proved to be a troublemaker and cut a bloody path through the
 +tribe’s own ranks.
 +No tribe has room for two Fathers, and this tribe was no exception. The Father saw no need for a confrontation so he offered his
 +soon-to-be competitor to the master of the Toxic Cult, Grand Father Asp, in order to forge a strong alliance
 +between his tribe and the Cult. When the strange and ghastly Lord of the Dendrobate Caves examined
 +Curwen he noticed at once his special ability and affiliation,​ and approved of the tribe’s offer. However
 +Asp demanded a final test from both to show their aptitude and willingness,​ a duel between Curwen
 +and the tribal leader. The tribal Father showed no emotion when he faced Curwen to do as he was
 +challenged to, but Curwen was ready for him. He had trained for this moment for years, knowing
 +too well of the rivalry between those of the Father strain within a single tribe. The Father had faced
 +others in his life and felt he was ready for anything, but when the young Curwen crossed blades
 +with him he was unprepared for the poisonous spit of his enemy. Blinded and enraged the old Father
 +had no chance and was quickly beheaded by Curwen’s curved blade.
 +Things looked promising for Father Curwen when Grand Father Asp took him under his
 +tutelage, but his strength was also his greatest weakness. His strange mutation had
 +been growing ever since, and after ten years it reached a level where the corrosive
 +liquids began to harm his own body. Manifesting as a strong allergy, Curwen’s skin
 +began to flake and peel and he needed special treatment by the Cults most able Bone
 +Docs and Grafters to avoid even more damage to his own body. He wears seeping
 +and ulcerous bandages almost constantly, and his aides search permanently for a
 +way to cure him from his sickness. To that end Curwen has begun to increase the raids
 +on southern settlements,​ joining the raiding desert tribes as often as possible, and many
 +captives have been abducted and taken to the Caves of Dendrobate to fall prey to all kinds
 +of experiments. His Grafters have managed to achieve a slowing of the effects, but are far
 +from finding a cure. In battle Curwen is a figure causing fear and panic. His heavily
 +bandaged shape strides through friend and foe alike, his mighty injector sickle
 +cutting down those who dare to oppose him. More often than
 +not his special entourage of child abductors and Grafters follow
 +him, pointing out promising test subjects and
 +possible captives. Once they identify an enemy,
 +that target’s life is forfeit.

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