Father Curwen


4 3 18 3 18 4
[1] Injector Scythe
* Frantic Toxin
10 8 Arc -
[1] Foul Spew
* Cauterize
* Poison (16)
8 1 3×3 SP -
Size Base Type Cost
l 40 mm ! 165

! Availability: Character. Counts as a “Tribal Father” for availability.

Special Abilities


When Curwen was born into a nomadic tribe some three decades ago, it was a violent night. It was not the first time the Bone Doc had to cut a newborn out of the dying body of its mother, but it was definitely the first time that this baby neither cried nor uttered any other sound. So the shaman pulled it out of its mother’s womb, which was showing signs of corrosive fluids eating it up from inside out. The tribe’s Father did not hesitate and took the child under his tutelage, noticing with satisfaction that the boy showed signs of being of the “Father strain.”

Curwen grew up like most of the Skarrd, fighting and struggling for survival on daily basis, but he faced two difficulties most other Skarrd had not. For a young Skarrd, being of the “Father strain” meant that he had to prove his worth twice as hard, and he had to avoid suppression or even murder by the ruling Father of the tribe. The second difficulty was his continuously growing special mutation, which caused his body to create a highly corrosive toxin, a poison he could loose upon an enemy through hidden glands in his mouth. It caused him as much pain as it benefited him, and the young Curwen was clever enough to keep it secret from the attention of others. Over the years, Curwen proved to be a troublemaker and cut a bloody path through the tribe’s own ranks.

No tribe has room for two Fathers, and this tribe was no exception. The Father saw no need for a confrontation so he offered his soon-to-be competitor to the master of the Toxic Cult, Grand Father Asp, in order to forge a strong alliance between his tribe and the Cult. When the strange and ghastly Lord of the Dendrobate Caves examined Curwen he noticed at once his special ability and affiliation, and approved of the tribe’s offer. However Asp demanded a final test from both to show their aptitude and willingness, a duel between Curwen and the tribal leader. The tribal Father showed no emotion when he faced Curwen to do as he was challenged to, but Curwen was ready for him. He had trained for this moment for years, knowing too well of the rivalry between those of the Father strain within a single tribe. The Father had faced others in his life and felt he was ready for anything, but when the young Curwen crossed blades with him he was unprepared for the poisonous spit of his enemy. Blinded and enraged the old Father had no chance and was quickly beheaded by Curwen’s curved blade.

Things looked promising for Father Curwen when Grand Father Asp took him under his tutelage, but his strength was also his greatest weakness. His strange mutation had been growing ever since, and after ten years it reached a level where the corrosive liquids began to harm his own body. Manifesting as a strong allergy, Curwen’s skin began to flake and peel and he needed special treatment by the Cults most able Bone Docs and Grafters to avoid even more damage to his own body. He wears seeping and ulcerous bandages almost constantly, and his aides search permanently for a way to cure him from his sickness. To that end Curwen has begun to increase the raids on southern settlements, joining the raiding desert tribes as often as possible, and many captives have been abducted and taken to the Caves of Dendrobate to fall prey to all kinds of experiments. His Grafters have managed to achieve a slowing of the effects, but are far from finding a cure. In battle Curwen is a figure causing fear and panic. His heavily bandaged shape strides through friend and foe alike, his mighty injector sickle cutting down those who dare to oppose him. More often than not his special entourage of child abductors and Grafters follow him, pointing out promising test subjects and possible captives. Once they identify an enemy, that target’s life is forfeit.

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