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 [[core|C.O.R.E.]] [[core|C.O.R.E.]]
-C.O.R.E.+C.O.R.E. are the sentient robot race looking to study the other inhabitants of Samaria.
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 [[brood|Brood]] [[brood|Brood]]
-Brood+The Brood are genetically modified creates.
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 [[dragyri|Dragyri]] [[dragyri|Dragyri]]
-Dragyri+Dragyri ​are creatures that have broken their bonds and have put their ex-slavers in chains.
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 [[kukulkani|Kukulkani]] [[kukulkani|Kukulkani]]
-Kukulkani+The Kukulkani, far flung ancestors of the Mayans, were taken to the stars countless eons ago by their ancient alien masters.
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