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3 5 16 3 8 3
[1] Drillhead 8 7×2 0 18
[1] Coiled Strike
* ED (2)
* Pierce
8 1 7×2 RE 18
Size Base Type Cost
M 40mm ! 85

! Availability: 3 per “Grafter” / 6 per “Worm Shepard”.

Special Abilities


Possibly the foulest perversion perpetrated by the Grafters, Drillheads are a true mockery of nature. They are likely the most feared creation of the unholy scientists, not simply because of their potency in combat, but also because of the unnatural horror they represent. Long, sinuous bodies like those of serpents, with a mechanical drill tip where their heads ought to be, the creatures advance into battle in packs, usually surrounding their Grafter creator.

The first Drillhead was created long before Saint Johann’s followers had been initiated into the Skarrd tribes. The still ruling Saint had sent one of his scientists as emissary to the nearby Talen region. Protected by a handful of augmented warriors the small group was led by two Salt Nomad Pathfinders to get them safe along the northern border. While encamped for the night the man awoke to find his bodyguards battling a massive serpentine beast that had attacked their camp in the darkness. The creature measured well over four meters in length, and its sinuous body was thicker than a man’s thigh. The scientist watched as a warrior with a grafted arm delivered a mighty swing with his sword, lopping the creature’s head from its neck in a single blow. Thinking the fight to be ended, he began to return to his tent, when he heard a strangled cry from behind him. The tribe still surrounded the creature warily, and the scientist immediately saw why. The creature was very much alive, and had wrapped its body around the warrior that beheaded it. As blood poured from the stump of its neck, the creature slowly crushed the enemy in the coils of its massive body. The guards eventually slaughtered the creature by hacking it into pieces, and the scientist learned more about the curious beast the following day, which was named “Zmei” according to their nomad guides.

This wasteland creature needs no head in order to live, as it hasn’t any brain or centralized nervous system. Instead, its nervous system is dispersed in clusters throughout sections of its long body. Although the Zmei will eventually starve to death if it cannot eat, it will continue to fight even after the loss of its head, using its sensitive vibration sense to locate prey. The scientist immediately launched plans to use this unique beast to his master’s advantage, and began designing the first Drillhead. Capturing and training the creatures proved to be immensely difficult during these days, but once accomplished proved to be well worth the effort, and Drillheads have been a staple of Johann’s forces for years. Due to their new homeland within the Great Expanse the Drillheads have become much more numerous and are one of the Skarrd’s most trusted weapons.

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