Blood Abomination


No painted available.


3 8 20 3 10 5
[2] Saw Fist
* Horrible Death
7 6×3 RE 18
[1] Miasma Spray
* Blood Pathogens
8 1 3×3 SP 20
[2] Saw Blade
* Ricochet
6 1 6×2 12 18
Size Base Type Cost
G 80 mm ! 175

! Availaibility: 1 per “Grafter”.

Special Abilities


Early in the year 8SC Johann the Heretic summoned a Grafter named Thraex and charged him with what many regarded as an impossible task. He was to enter the confidence of Father Mayhem, to get close to him by any means necessary, to assist in any way required and to constantly prove the loyalty the Fallen Saint claimed to feel for the master of the Blood Cult. All the while he was to spy for Johann, submitting as many reports as possible on the plans and deeds of the Blood Father.

Thraex realized that he had little choice but to accept, the fate of those who refused Johann being neither brief nor pretty. Mayhem however was equally fearsome, prone to paranoia and jealousy and known for his hatred of the Cult of Mutilation. Although he had accepted the Heretic’s grafted gifts he had otherwise remained hostile and aggressive. Perhaps this was why he was being sent, Thraex mused. He had lived far longer than any of Dexus’s previous acolytes, perhaps Johann believed this was because he possessed some knack for dealing with the deluded and deranged. Thraex knew otherwise. Soon Dexus would descend into another bout of his bleak madness and his assistant would die for some unknowable crime or insult against the Mad Grafter and his art. Johann had offered him a means of escape but he would need to tread carefully if he was to take advantage of it. The last Grafter Johann had sent as a gift to Mayhem had been flayed and eaten alive. A terrible Hellstorm had blown in off the smoking plasma fields of the far north, battering Fort Nemesis and making flight impossible. Unable to run Thraex paced the halls, searching for an answer. Originally the fortress had been a spaceship over a mile long, built for interplanetary transport. Overloaded during the Abandonment it had fallen into the planet’s gravity well and its wreck lay here, half buried in the desert sand. The arrival of Johann and the Cult of Mutilation had turned it into a place of horrors. Hundreds of rooms had been transformed into gristly laboratories where creatures more like beasts or reanimated corpses walked horribly across the blood soaked floors. It was here, amid this pit of foul experimentation, that Thraex found his inspiration. He would create a new Abomination, crafted to suit the Blood Cult.

Mere months later and this newest monstrosity was ready for battle. Equipped with two huge spinning, saw-blades it was able to rend flesh and shred armor, with equal ease, spraying gore over any who came too close. A modified Coil- Launcher, rebuilt on a massive scale, allowed it to fire these blades into the heart of an enemy squad, the result being spectacular devastation. Fused to the machine, their mind almost destroyed by pain, sits a member of the Blood Cult hand picked by Father Mayhem himself. Unleashed in battle, fury and blood-lust drives it forward, snarling its demented rage in the face of its enemies. This terrifying, gore-soaked invention, has won Thraex the favor of Mayhem but how long this continues none but the Blood Father can guess.

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